Exploring the 6 Unique Mesh Options for FlexScreen Custom Window Screens

Exploring the 6 Unique Mesh Options for FlexScreen Custom Window Screens

When it comes to home improvement, even the most minor details can significantly enhance your living spaces' comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. One such detail that often goes unnoticed yet plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable environment is the type of screen mesh used in windows and doors. Enter FlexScreen, changing how we experience screens by offering six distinct mesh options tailored to meet diverse needs. From standard screens to high-tech solar-blocking solutions, FlexScreen has it all. Let's take a closer look at the six different meshes they offer:


Standard mesh:

The foundation of comfort, the standard mesh is the cornerstone of FlexScreen's product lineup. Known for its reliability and durability, this mesh option perfectly balances functionality and affordability. It effectively keeps out common insects while allowing fresh air to flow freely into your living spaces. The standard mesh is an excellent choice if you're looking for a practical and budget-friendly solution.


FlexView mesh:

See the world in a new light and say goodbye to the days of peering through screens with limited visibility. FlexView mesh brings a new level of clarity to your windows and doors. With a specialized design that maximizes light and airflow while minimizing visual interference, this mesh is perfect for those who cherish their outdoor views. Enjoy an unobstructed connection to nature without compromising on insect protection.


FlexView Clean mesh: 

The same high visibility as FlexView, combined with a self-cleaning coating, FlexView Clean mesh revolutionizes your screen maintenance routine. Featuring a hydrophobic coating, this mesh magically whisks away moisture and dirt, leaving your screens pristine even after rain showers. Say goodbye to water streaks and dusty smudges and enjoy year-round crystal-clear views.


FlexView Small Insect mesh: Tiny intruders, meet your match! No-see-ums, gnats, and other pesky insects can find their way into our homes, disrupting our comfort. FlexView Small Insect mesh is specially designed to keep even the tiniest bugs at bay, ensuring your living spaces remain insect-free. Enjoy the benefits of fresh air without worrying about unwelcome visitors and create a sanctuary free from the annoyances of tiny pests.


FlexView Pet mesh:

Durability Meets Design! Our furry friends are sometimes too enthusiastic around screens. Enter FlexView Pet mesh, engineered to withstand the playful antics of pets while maintaining optimal visibility and airflow. This mesh option is rip and tear-resistant, making it a practical choice for homes with cats, dogs, or any other curious critters.


FlexView Solar mesh:

Embrace Comfort and Energy Efficiency! When the sun's rays turn your home into a sauna, FlexView Solar mesh comes to the rescue. This advanced mesh blocks up to 75% of solar rays, reducing heat transfer and keeping indoor temperatures cooler. By enhancing energy efficiency, FlexView Solar Mesh helps you save on cooling costs while enjoying abundant natural light. This advanced mesh also guards against fading, preserving the vibrant colors and condition of your floors, carpets, and furniture. With FlexView Solar Mesh, you're not only enhancing comfort and efficiency but also safeguarding the longevity of your home's interior aesthetics.


FlexScreen's array of mesh options caters to diverse needs, offering solutions beyond mere insect protection. From maximizing visibility to repelling small insects, maintaining cleanliness, and promoting energy efficiency, FlexScreen has redefined the way we interact with screens. So, whether you're seeking an unobstructed view, durable protection for your furry friends, or relief from scorching sunrays, FlexScreen has a tailor-made mesh option. Upgrade your home with these innovative mesh solutions and experience the difference firsthand.

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