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Can I place my order over the phone?
Is there a universal size?
Is there a minimum or maximum size?
Can I measure my old screen?
Is it possible to hire someone to come out to my home?
Regular window screens cost less. Why is FlexScreen more expensive?
Where do I enter my window measurements?


What is FlexScreen made of?
What screen materials are available?
How does FlexScreen fit in my window?
Can FlexScreen be easily pushed out?
Do you make screens in custom shapes?
What are retention bumpers?
What about screen doors or sliders?
How will it hold up to pets?


How much does it cost to ship FlexScreen?
How long will it take to arrive?


Can I return FlexScreen?

*PLEASE NOTE: Window measurements will be entered AFTER your order is completed and paid. Please see our ORDER page for full details!