Why rescreen when you can new screen!

Why rescreen when you can new screen!

Over time wear and tear on traditional window screens can lead to bent frames, tarnished or fading colors, and rips and holes in the mesh. These frames can be an eyesore and even worse, let in insects that it’s meant to keep out. So why rescreen your bent and worn window screens when you can FlexScreen!

FlexScreen is a revolutionary window screen that is easy to install and requires no tools. It is made with spring steel and coated in exterior grade PVC that won't warp, twist, or fade. Plus, it provides excellent airflow and insect protection, making it the perfect choice for any window. So don't settle for a rescreen, get FlexScreen and enjoy a brand-new screen today!

FlexScreen is a window screen replacement meant to take your screens to the modern day. The black frame is sleek and disappears into the window pocket, which expands your viewing area. No pockets, no problem! The stylish black frame looks great on white, wooden, or any color window. Say hello to the best custom window screen replacement on the market!

Are you tired of struggling to install your screens? Or are you worried about twisting and bending the frame over the hardware or under the blinds? Worry no more! FlexScreen is effortless to install, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to replace their traditional window screens. FlexScreen can easily flex over the hardware and slip under your blinds to save you time and energy. Removing your screens is a breeze and they are even easier to install by easily just flexing the screen into place.

Are you looking for a window screen replacement that’s damage resistant and able to withstand years of abuse? FlexScreen can handle being installed and removed frequently and will always keep that fresh appearance. FlexScreens even strong enough to stand up to taking a beating from a rubber mallet. See for yourself

With its unique design, you can be sure that your FlexScreen will be an attractive and durable window screen replacement for years to come.

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